Home sweet home is just a stone’s throw away.

We know all too well, of course, that nothing compares to living in your own home. Yet we also know our staff works hard everyday to inspire our tenants and rehab patients to feel at home.

At Epione feeling at home begins by making sure our residents have a voice. We listen to their opinions, and you can see how this makes a difference in their care, in their health, and in their own sense of well-being. Our facilities are also designed with the little touches that turn a living space into a home: tables set for dinner, warm, inviting rooms, laughter in the halls, and stimulating activities each day.

It’s for this an so many countless details that our team consistently receives national recognition for the care they provide.

When a loved one enters Epione for a long-term or short term rehab, they can expect:

  • Award-winning care
  • A facility the Consumer Research Council of America named one of America’s top nursing homes
  • Compassionate care from local people you know and trust
  • An attitude that we will stop at nothing to help you live better