Visiting Epione Pavilion

Epione now has colored entrance to ease in identifying which entrance to use for visitors, ambulance and fire.

Oak Main Entrance – BLUE

Compassionate care from people you know and trust.

Epione, the goddess of soothing, is the symbol of the compassion we bring to caring for every one of our patients and residents. Here you are the focus of everything we do. Helping you live better and thrive is our true calling.

We understand every person is a uniquely human individual deserving of our greatest respect. Everyone at Epione is driven to deliver local services with exceptional compassion and caring, and in that way we make both getting better and living life a little easier for you. With us, that’s the way you can expect to be treated. Always.

We call our facility a pavilion for good reason – there’s far more under our roof than meets the eye. We’re a nationally ranked and recognized skilled nursing facility for long term care and rehabilitation. In addition, we offer a range of outpatient rehab services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies for people of all ages all around our communities. And we’re also a family medical clinic with doctors and advanced practitioners bringing you great family care without all the hassles of traveling far and wide.

To the Greeks, Epione was the goddess of soothing.

Epione is the goddess of soothing pain. In fact, in ancient mythology, her very name means “soothing”. And with her partner, the god of medicine and healing, Epione stands as the very symbol of the personal and compassionate care our staff provides. We chose her name to emphasize our unique goal of providing you always hopeful and graceful care in everything we do.